Imagine a medical lab able to establish a diagnostic at the patient home using both mobile IVD devices and blood sample, conncected with existing medical labs.

80% of the world's population had limited access to testing laboratories. Now it's over with Anywhere Lab !


Mobile phlebotomist solution

  • The app comes free of charge for the phlebotomist (home care nurse, technician or doctor).
  • No more writing to do - the app works with the voice recognition of  the mobile phone.
  • Ability to create mixed lab order with mobile IVD device's results and blood sample connected with the medical lab. 
  • User ID and sampling timestamps are automatically filled in by the application itself which improves ISO-15189 compliance.
  • To create a new request, the phlebotomist just has to scan a unique patient's ID (Medical Lab barcode or QR Code).
  • The medical order (paper) is scanned using the mobile phone camera.
  • If the medical order is reccurent, the picture and associated tests are made available until the expiry date.
  • Patient information (with scan of the medical order) is shared between all phlebotomists within the same firm.
  • Additionnal information required by the ISO-15189: 2012 standards are easy to use as they come with check-boxes or drop-down lists.
  • Sampling history of a given patient is shared on all smartphones from phlebotomists working within the same firm,
  • Sampling guides and test catalogues are directly accessible in the smartphone and can be updated by the laboratory in real time.
  • Once validated, the dematerialized file is sent to lab using wifi, 3G or 4G.
  • Works online and offline and synchronizse upon network detection without user interaction,
  • The app allows to integrate appointments and visualize patient locations on a map.
  • Mobile Phlebotomist can call the patient or launch the phone's GPS to guide to the next appointment with one single touch.