SIL-LAB Innovations, a French startup.

SIL-LAB Innovations is a startup whose primary product is Phlebeelab, a Mobile App connected to a Secured Cloud which processes electronic orders to the lab LIS (Laboratory Information System) using HL7 protocol. The solution will be available in January 2018.

The company is located at Plug'n Work, Colombelles, France.

Phlebeelab will be available for all medical labs in the world in 2018 and will help give a better and faster disagnostic to patient in remote area.

SIL-LAB Innovations is nominated for the Galien Medstartup Award in the category "Best Innovative Trial Design Leading to Quicker and Better Therapeutic Outcome". The result will be knowm end of October 2017.

SIL-LAB Innovations is member of the French Tech movement and member of Medicen.